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Floridahummingbirds.net has been created to enhance our understanding of the species of hummingbirds that are found in the state of Florida. We hope to improve our understanding of their wintering distribution as well as their breeding range by creating a database of reports. We also hope to improve the communication of sight reports, educate on the identification of the different species that have or may one day be found in Florida, and aide in residents attempts to attract hummingbirds.

We hope to enhance our understanding of their distributions by collecting a database of reports from across the state. The collection of data will be done through reports to our forum at: http://floridahummingbirds.proboards.com/  . Data from these reports will be available to anyone who wishes to view it on the forum. A search feature is available to aid in finding specific records. As more people find our site and begin reporting their observations, we believe that we'll begin seeing a clearer picture of where the hummingbirds really are at any given time of the year.

We hope to improve communication on sitings. We currently have a number of Listservs in the state that receive occasional hummingbird sightings mixed in with reports of other types of birds. Reports of rare hummingbird species get noticed and usually passed on to the other lists while Ruby-throated Hummingbird reports are pretty much ignored. By creating one site for all hummingbird reports, we hope to collect all of the birder's sightings as well as those from non-birder hummingbird enthusiasts who would not likely post to a birding list.  

We hope that once the Species page is completed, this site will be the tool for a newcomer to hummingbirds to be able to identify the possibility of a rarity and then make necessary contacts to properly document the sighting. In recent years, we've seen multiple cases of people hosting rare hummingbirds who didn't know they were rare and chance encounters were the only reason they were reported.

In addition to the data collection goals of this site, we also want to be able to educate in all aspects of these amazing birds. We've created the forum to allow for any hummingbird related question to be asked. We will try our best to answer any questions posted. In the case of area specific questions, another reader of the forum may be better qualified to answer the question than one of the current site managers. We've also already discovered that anyone may have a better idea as to how to deal with a particular issue. Landscaping questions may be best answered by someone else in that region. So, please ask questions but also feel free to answer them as well. 

Thank you,

Steve Backes                                                                                                Valrico, FL                                                                                        rubythroat@floridahummingbirds.net                                                           or backes1@verizon.net